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We’re a small company just starting out +

our mission is simple:

To help fellow humans live a better life.


Hey Jane was born out of a very personal wellbeing journey.

In 2017, came a very low point in life. My relationship and work had come to an end, all at once too. At the time, it felt like my world had come to an end. After a turbulent childhood and teen years, this was the final straw.

The stress of it all triggered depression, anxiety, lack of sleep and, at the age of 36, for the first time in my life, eczema.

The doctors were more than happy to prescribe several different medications to help. Though after reading about the long-term side effects, to put it simply, they horrified me. This was a huge wakeup call and the beginning of my natural healing journey.

I immediately looked for anything that could help – starting with therapy and followed by changes in nutrition, taking up yoga, meditating, joining the gym, trying different skincare products and taking wellbeing supplements. It seems like there’s a lot on that list, but it didn’t just happen all at once. It took a good few years and with the support of others - even the smallest step felt huge at the time.

It’s 2021 now and I can finally say that I’m a different person. Life still has its challenges every day, but over the last few years I’ve learnt that this is just the tapestry of life… occasional challenges woven with joyful moments.

It was on this self-healing journey that I first came across CBD. I started to formulate my own products in the kitchen, with friends and family eventually using them too.

With the hope that I can help others too, it's inspired me and given me the courage to start Hey Jane and develop our first product.

It's also the reason why I decided to share my personal story - we all have our own worries and causes of stress and anxiety. My advice to anyone would be: take that first step. Even the smallest step can mean significant progression towards a happier version of ourselves. Sometimes, all it takes is that first change, that first step.


Founder, Hey Jane