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Nourish your skin to a state of calm + balance.

CBD x Botanicals

Nourish your skin to a state of calm + balance

Calmer, clearer, healthier skin in 90 days GUARANTEED or your money back

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Surprisingly good

I'd never heard of Hey Jane, but I'm surprised at how quickly it worked - quicker than any product so far. Though I've been using it for 5 weeks now, I noticed that it started to reduce my inflammation within days and my skin was less red, blotchy and dry.

Charlotte B

My Skin Saviour

I have been using this oil for over 6 months now and it has secured its place easily into my skin care routine. I suffer from dry, sensitive skin, prone to redness and hormonal breakout. It not been easy finding a product that can manage all of these issues, but this oil beautifully calms the redness and irritation I see across my cheeks and has kept my hormonal breakouts under control really well. Where I used to get quite an angry break out every month like clockwork, I now get the odd small spot - big win! I use this day and night, after cleansing - allowing it a couple minutes to sink in. It absorbs beautifully leaving my skin soft and plump. As I have dry skin, I tend to them apply a hydrating serum or good moisturizer over the top to lock it all in. Very happy and will be re-purchasing!

Sejal M

Best Face Oil To Date!

I couldnt wait to reciev my new face oil since finding out about the new active super seed oil with cbd. I love how the oil melts into the skin and feels enriched immediately. After 3 weeks of use using twice daily i can see visable results, my skin looks and feels glowing inside & out and my skin looks more flawfless without the need to wear make up. I Will definately be buying again. thank you!

Alice S

Active Super Seed Face Oil

Calm, Balance + Nourish

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